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Get over the 'Rogue One' female protagonist, guys.

Posted by sam
Get over the 'Rogue One' female protagonist, guys.

So the new trailer for the 'Star Wars' spinoff 'Rogue One' was released yesterday, and a whole lot of people lost their shit over it (as you would expect). But although there has been a huge amount of positive response to the trailer, a small (but vocal) part of the internet have been quick to point out what they consider to be a major flaw with the film - another female protagonist.

Let me just start by saying, I totally get it (sorta). Rey was awesome in 'The Force Awakens', but she wasn't the only protagonist in the film. Finn was there too, and was arguably where the real fun was had in the film. Judging by the trailers for 'Rogue One', there won't be a character like Finn for the guys who desperately need a male (whoever they are). So yes, I could understand that (mostly) guys could be frustrated at a lack of male characters to connect with.

And although I have no problem with another female protagonist leading the new Star Wars franchise, I do have to admit that I did raise an eyebrow when 'Jyn Erso' seemed to be portrayed as the protagonist for the film.

So rather than try and pick a side (and probably receive emails about how sexist/feminazi/meninist I am), I'm going to try and decipher this one from both points of view - those that are pissed about the female protagonist, and those that are pissed at those who are pissed at the female protagonist (you with me?)

Let's go:

Those who are pissed -

The main reason I can think that people would be pissed about this is that Rey was a little bit OP in 'The Force Awakens', which many people attribute to her being a female. The term 'Mary-Sue' (thanks Landis) was dug up from wherever the hell it had been for the last 10 years, and plastered everywhere in an attempt to explain the ease with which Rey beat people up, grasped the basics of the Force and still looked great while doing it.

Casting a female protagonist in 'Rogue One' (who appears to beat up several clones with her bare fists in the trailers, because they're all just janitors) was definitely a brave move from Disney. And because we've already seen Rey kicking butt in 'The Force Awakens', it doesn't have the same kind of impact. It feels slightly shoehorned in (which i wish it didn't but it doespleasedontleavemenastymessages)

Those who are pissed at those who are pissed

It's fairly obvious that the people who are pissed about the people who are pissed is because it shouldn't really matter what gender the protagonist is, which I wish were true. It shouldn't matter what race, gender or size your protagonist is. But for some stupid reason, it does. And the only thing Disney can do is prove the haters wrong with a badass female protagonist that makes Rey look like a BeyBey (like that yeh?).

But I can still understand why they are pissed. Let's be honest; the majority of people who enjoy Star Wars ( MAJORITY people!) are guys - guys who've spent their whole lives dreaming about cutting down clones with their lightsaber and hanging out with Ewoks. And so far, all the guys had in 'The Force Awakens' was a janitor, an emo kid and some guy that was hardly in the film.

You might argue that having Star Wars female protagonists is well overdue considering how much of a sausage fest the original trilogy was, but let's remember that Princess Leia was probably the most badass character out of them all! She strangled Jabba the Hut while wearing a gold bikini. That bitch was tough.

And sure, you might also argue that we get the Han Solo origin film coming out soon. But that's a character that we're already familiar with. It's awesome that they're doing it, but we want NEW badass characters to dress up as. I ain't gonna dress up as Finn.

So what's the verdict?

Everyone needs to calm their tits - for now. If Disney release ANOTHER female-led film after the Han Solo origin story, then we riot. Ok? You with me?

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My passion for design has blossomed!

Posted by sam

I've only been in Glasgow for a few weeks now but I've already fallen in love with the city and think it is absolutely beautiful. I've been lucky enough to make loads of friends at the university and everyone has been helping me to clear out my old apartment (that was given to me by my mother) and get it all spruced up! I think it's just so they can come round and stay without feeling uncomfortable!

Somebody sent me a link all about carpet tiles and recommended that I read it but to be honest I'm not that bothered for the moment. I think if I got some pets (which I might as there are loads of pet shops in Glasgow) then I'd consider it, but for the moment I'm ok. I might get some normal carpets though as I only have one bed (and an old sofa!) and I think that my friends would rather sleep on a comfy carpet!

Still unsure...what should I do?

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The best Italian restaurant in Glasgow

Posted by sam
Tony Macaroni in Glasgow

Tony Macaroni in Glasgow

I've not been living in Glasgow for long but I've already started to head out with my new friends and try new places to eat in the city. I'm originally Italian, so I have pretty high standards when it comes to Italian food! But my parents have even higher standards as they have been eating Italian food for their whole lives. So when they came over, I was pretty nervous deciding where to take them. I ended up choosing the Tony Macaroni Glasgow Italian restaurant for food, as my friends had said it was the best place to grab Italian food in the city centre. I was really nervous taking my parents there as I thought they would be disappointed with the Italian food, but they said it was great! According to my mum it tasted just like back home, which is a big compliment from her! Good job Tony Macaroni!

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